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Halfway There
The campaign that secures the 3,250th gift of the day will receive an additional $3,250 towards their goal!
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Early Bird
The campaign with the most number of gifts by 8 a.m. will receive an additional $5,000. Donate early and often to help the campaign that means the most to you win!
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Rush Hour Power Hour
The campaign that receives the most gifts from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. will receive an additional $5,000!
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Health Sciences
Health Sciences is the University of South Carolina's cohort of Public Health, Social Work, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine and Medicine Greenville.
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Donors by Affinity
Alumni, faculty and staff members, friends, parents, students - we love them all! But who is leading the day?
Alumni Class Years
Since 1801, the University of South Carolina has graduated literally hundreds of thousands of students, now our esteemed alumni. Which decade is the most philanthropic today? Only time will tell!
Fill the Map, Sponsored by Colonial Life
The unit who unlocks the fiftieth state and officially fills the map with Give 4 Garnet donors will receive an additional $7,500 for their campaign, sponsored by Colonial Life.